All products sold by Mintar LLC are environmentally friendly and meet the requirements of state standards and technical conditions. Quality control of products is carried out at all stages of the production process, starting with the purchase of primary raw materials and ending with the stage of shipment of finished products to customers. Customers are provided with all necessary certificates for products.
Corrugated cardboard is formed by alternating several flat and one or more corrugated layers of cardboard. Cardboard for corrugated layers - called fluting, and cardboard for flat layers - liner, kraftliner, topiner.
A distinctive feature of cardboard for flat layers of the second type is the composition: it is 80% composed of cellulose fibers, 20% - from recycled materials. Its natural color is brown. Appearance of the developer is much more effective. The 100% cellulose material is white in color and has a smooth, even structure similar to paper. It prints well, which makes it possible to produce attractive packaging for consumer goods.
From the brand of cardboard for flat layers (liner) depends not only the appearance of cardboard products, but also their performance characteristics, such as: crushing and punching resistance, tensile strength, flexibility, etc. Despite the fact that the topiner is the most durable and aesthetic option, its use is not always advisable. The choice of cardboard for flat layers should correspond to the purpose of the product.
We carry out the delivery of recycled cardboard for corrugated packaging
The company Mintar exports to the countries of near and far abroad (China, Vietnam, India, as well as in the region of Central Asia).